Ad hoc flights

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Applicable from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2015

Landing fee : 8.87 EUR(1) per ton calculated on MTOW

Parking fee : 2.05 EUR(1) per day (24 hours) and per ton (2). The first 12 hours of parking are free.

Fuel levy : 5 EUR/m3

Passenger fee : 0 EUR

Security fee : 0 EUR

PMR fee : 0.2687 EUR (1)(3)(4) per departing passenger


(1) The amount will be indexed on annual basis.

(2) Each fraction of a ton is considered to be a whole ton. Each part of a day is considered as a whole day. Each day ends at 00:00, local time. Parking outside is subject to available space and to BSCA regulations.

(3) In case of 'unboarding only', the charges will be calculated on the basis of arriving passengers.

(4) In case of empty legs on arrival and departure, the charges will be calculated on the basis of maximum passengers' configuration.

The charges mentioned are indicative. BSCA reserves the right to change the amount of these charges at any moment and without warning.