Due to road repair work on different highways around the airport, it is recommended to take all necessary precautions in order to get to the airport on time. It is important to remember that passengers are kindly requested to arrive at the airport two to three hours prior to departure time.



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24.07.12 BSCA: call for new commercial partners


Brussels South Charleroi Airport is expanding its commercial area and has launched a call for tender to find companies who want to develop their activities at the airport. The airport offers an ideal location for business. It is in full growth and is attracting an increasing number of passengers, whose numbers already reached 6 million in 2012, and who come from around the country, but also from the North of France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.


The constant increase in the number of passengers is leading the Friendly Airport to continuously present new services to increase its passengers’ comfort. Brussels South Charleroi will create 3 extra commercial surfaces in the airside zone (after the security check) and has launched a tender aimed at businesses selling watches, jewellery, bags, luggage or clothing. These businesses are offered the chance to expand their activities or seize the opportunity to develop their presence in an airport environment.


Interested businesses are invited to contact Eric Poelemans (e.poelemans@charleroi-airport.com), who will provide the tender document, before the end of July (tender deadline is 10 September).


The airport is also announcing that it will launch a call for tender to fill in 2 new hospitality surfaces towards the end of the year.



Eric Poelemans

T: +32 (0)71 25 19 93

E: e.poelemans@charleroi-airport.com