Flight Training

Brussels Aviation School

1, rue des fusillés

6041 Charleroi

Contact:  Cédric Colette (Chief Instructor) : 0032 475 74 39 02

                 Alexandra Maingard (General Manager) : 0032 485 736 516

Email:      info@brusselsaviationschool.com

Website: www.brusselsaviationschool.com

Air Academy New CAG

1, rue des fusillés

6041 Charleroi

Contact:  0032 71 35 77 77 

Email:      info@newcag.be

Website: www.newcag.be

Belgian Flight School

1, rue des fusillés

6041 Charleroi

Contact:  0032 71 34 55 10 

Email:      info@bfschool.aero

Website: www.bfschool.aero 

Venyo Academy

Avenue Georges Lemaitre, 26

6041 Charleroi

Contact: 0032 71 31 09 17

Email: info@venyo.aero

Website: www.venyo.aero

European Flight Simulator EFS

Are you afraid of flying? Learn how to manage your fear by going on a course at the European Flight Simulator. The course involves three stages. The first involves talking to a psychologist specialising in the fear of flying who will help you understand and overcome the root of your fear. A theory section, with a professional pilot, focuses on air safety and the principles of the flight. The course ends with a session in a passenger plane simulator where you will fly the plane, helped by a pilot, and go over all the different stages of the flight.

The course costs €430. Interested? Get in touch with European Flight Simulator by email: info@efsimulator.com or by telephone on 071 356 117. Address: Avenue des Etats-Unis n°7, 6041 Gosselies. Just a stone’s throw away from Charleroi airport!
European Flight Simulator also offers members of the public the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience by having a go at flying a passenger plane. Info and booking on 071 356 117, by email: info@efsimulator.com, or via the website www.efsimulator.com.

We are in the process of creating a website and platform completely dedicated to fear of flying courses. We will let you know the website address as soon as the site is live.

Our goal is to become the benchmark for the BENELUX region.

Air Space

« Have you always dreamed of flying? Come and see what it feels like at Airspace Indoor Skydiving, the most powerful freefall simulator in Europe.

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