How it all started

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In 1919, Belgian King Albert the First opens the first flight school at the Gosselies airfield. The school sits on the highest point of the Gosselies region, named “Mont des Bergers” (Shepherds’ Hill). The following year, an aeronautical maintenance work firm called SEGA opens up. It will lead to the launch of the Fairey Company in 1931, which will in turn become the center of Belgian aeronautical activity.

After WWII, Gosselies becomes a public airport and is managed by the Belgian Airways Authority (RVA). In 1954, Haren-based SABCA teams up with Fairey to open up a second plant at Gosselies. Later on, more companies will establish themselves in Gosselies. Sonaca is launched in 1978 and will take over the activities of Fairey.

However, on the air transportation front, many initiatives are unsuccessful. An attempt to launch a connection to London twice a day fails to convince and results are frustrating. Decision is made to deal with the problem head on.

 It is with this in mind that Brussels South Charleroi Airport company (BSCA) is born on 9 July 1991 and just a few months later, on 1 January 1992, regional airports management is transferred from the Belgian Federal State to the Regions.

The Walloon Region decides to cede the management of its two main airports, Charleroi and Liège, to limited companies operating under commercial law.

BSCA is born and its main shareholder is Sambrinvest holding.

 Management resources are activated in 1992 and 1993 with the first economic benefits noticed in 1995 and becoming more evident in 1996.



1er mai 1997



On 1 May 1997, Ryanair launches the Charleroi Brussels South-Dublin route. The new brand name becomes credible. It is an instant hit with 200,000 passengers a year.

26 avril 2001


On 26 April 2001, Charleroi Brussels South airport becomes Ryanair’s first Continental. 800,000 passengers are recorded in 2001. The airport reputation is established and low cost in Belgium gets plenty of attention.





In 2002, 1,271,279 passenger are recorded

In 2003, 1,803,587 passengers are recorded

15 juillet 2004


Wizz Air launches Varsovie and Budapest


20 décembre 2004


We welcome the 2 millionth passenger of the year.

2004 is a record year with a total of 2,034,797 passengers.


1,873,349 passengers are recorded.



In 2006, 12 new destinations are launched bringing up the number of weekly destinations to 26, including 9 capital cities. Today passenger traffic amounts to 15 percent of Brussels National’s traffic, compared to only one percent in 2000. 



 Ryanair launches London in June and in October Wizz Air offers flights to Katowice!

Tuesday 29 January 2008 : Opening of the new Terminal at Brussels South Charleroi Airport