Facebook page competition rules and regulations

The company Brussels South Charleroi Airport s.a. (hereafter known as BSCA), with company registration (R.P.M. - at Charleroi, whose registered office is rue des Frères Wright 8, 6041 Charleroi, and whose VAT number is: BE 0444.556.344, is organising games competitions on the official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BSCA.CRL)

1. BSCA reserves the right to modify, postpone, reduce or cancel the competition (or part of it) if circumstances so require. No printing, spelling, typographic or other errors can be invoked, under any pretext, and no BSCA obligation asserted.

2. No correspondence (letter, email and/or telephone communication) will be accepted concerning these rules, organisation or the result of the competition. All additional communication or statements concerning the competition will be considered as part of the present rules. The decisions of BSCA may not be challenged.

3. This competition is open to any adult domiciled in Belgium, except for BSCA and relatives (up to the third degree).

The participants may not challenge this clause and cannot challenge the award of a gift if inadvertently one of the gifts should be given to a person in this category.

4. The competition rules of the Facebook page are available on the website www.charleroi-airport.com.

5. The precise conditions of participation are presented in the competition description. There is no obligation to purchase associated with participation in this competition. Late replies or correspondence will not be considered.

6. The prices could not be exchanged for their cash value or for a different reward. The winner will receive her/his gifts by registered letter subject to obtaining his/her mailing address by Facebook message after application request by the BSCA’s Facebook team.

7. Unless indicated otherwise in the description of the competition, each participant may only take part once. If several replies or participations are sent, BSCA will only consider the first participation which it receives, without prejudice to BSCA’s right to apply article 9.

8. A maximum of one prize is awarded per address/residence where several people are living together as a family.

9. In the event of abuse, deception or fraud, BSCA expressly reserves the right to exclude the participant(s) concerned from the competition and/or from other BSCA competitions.

10. By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees, without reserve, that his/her name, address and photo, as well as identification as participant or winner may be published by BSCA. He renounces all rights on this matter.

11. Article 4 § 1 of the 8 December 1992 Law relating to the Protection of Privacy is applicable to the personal details of the participants. These details will be compiled in an address file which may be made available to third parties and/or which could be used internally or for promotional actions ('direct marketing'). The participant has the right to access, correct and challenge this data at any time.

12. By participating in the competition, the participant accepts these rules in their entirety and without any conditions.

13. Any dispute or litigation concerning this contest will be submitted to the Belgian Law and Jurisdiction of the Courts of Charleroi